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It's never too late to change direction, or simply improve the path you are on. My goal is to
assist you to become kinaesthetically aware of your body and increase your total power output. Learn how to move and train like an athlete, prevent unnecessary injuries that reduce overall well being, and start living a more powerful life.

Nasreen Malik

Fitness & Personal Trainer
Exercise Specialist Coach in various fields

Strength & Conditioning
Physique and Aesthetic Training
Weight management
Body recomposition
Endurance & Fitness
Balance and Mobility
Speed and Agility
Sports specific drills
General health & wellbeing training
Bootcamp and HIIT
General Nutrition
Sports Nutrition
Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition


I completed my bachelors in Agricultural Sciences in 2017, and went on to do a Masters degree in that field and finished my MSc in 2020. My next goal was to get some kind of health & fitness qualification, so that I could combine the two one day, which to me makes 100% sense. So watch this space for the launch of something big soon! 

I became interested in taking my love for fitness further than just a hobby, and completed the Higher Certificate in Exercise Science at Health & Fitness Professionals Academy (HFPA) in 2020. I have also completed short courses in the following; HIIT and Bootcamp Instructor, Weight Management, Sport Nutrition, Essentials of Nutrition, and Vegetarian Sports Nutrition.  January 2021 I started with two internationally recognised courses from Clean Health Fitness Institute (CHFI), namely, Strength System Level 1 and Training the Physique Athlete. I also plan on doing more advanced training and nutrition courses in time as I believe everything is constantly changing, and during these times we live it, we need to keep up or we'll get left behind.

I strive to help people achieve more than what they dream is possible. I spend a lot of time studying the body, studying various training and diet protocols, and keeping up to date with the latest research on health and fitness. Every individual is unique, theres no doubt about that, and each of us have unique goals. So it's important to me that you feel confident about your plan that's made for you, and that it's not just another workout, but it's YOUR workout. 

I have a strong drive to be great at everything I do, especially when it comes to body performance. When I train, I put in 200% effort, but more importantly, what I do outside the gym, I put in 500% focus. I enjoy attending various sporting classes such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Crossfit, boxing, HIIT classes, swimming, yoga, etc, as I believe that in order to understand what various clients do and need in terms of training and energy output, I need to do it too, at least a couple times.  And so lastly, I am a big advocate of going back to basics. As a Personal Trainer and athlete, basics are key, and I've seen amazing results from mastering the basics before doing anything advanced. 


'What better way to inspire others than by being an inspiration to yourself'

I've been skinny, I've been bulky. I've been tired and I've been excited.
I've competed in various competitions from powerlifting to MMA, lost some and won some.
But one thing that's never changed is that I kept going with the determination to be better, and keep winning. 
I've trained myself throughout pregnancy up until the last few days, and got back to gym 6 weeks after. The body is a wonderful thing if you treat it right. Some highlights were standing on podium at the 2019 CrossFit Fittest In Cape Competition, to standing on stage at the 2019 WFF World Champs, to getting a 2nd place trophy at 4 years old for Monkeynastix. 


Training the Physique Athlete Certificat


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