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Choose from the pre-set programs or challenges below, designed for anyone from beginner to advanced, or sign up for personal or online training and get fully customised programs designed specifically for you.
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Winter challenge: R 2200

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3-Week challenge: R 650

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Buildabitch: R 2200

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40-day extreme shred: R2000

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40-day extreme shred: R2000

These are a few of the many programs available. Each program has been carefully designed to challenge you. Each program also comes with a diet that will be customised to suit your body's needs once purchased, you will receive the diet separately.

If you are interested in any of these, please leave a message in the contact form and I will get back to you with the relevant form to fill out so we can get started.

More Pre-Set Programs Available

Six-Week Slim Down Diet: R950. / $80
Four-Week Home Training, no-equipment: R650​ / $50

Four-Week Home Training, Dumbbells only: R850 / $70
Endurance Training, Gym-based, 6-8 weeks: R1400 / $110
Super Strength, 9 Weeks: R1600 / $140
Ultimate Beginner, Gym-based: R1600 / $140

Ultimate Beginner, Home-based, R1200 / $100

Let's go meat free!
Dare to try the 14 or 21 day Vegetarian diet? This one is for you. It's simple, it's fresh and it's filled with the earths greatest gift, fresh fruit and vegetables!


Feel lighter, fresher and cleaner by giving your digestive tract a break from long-digesting foods such as meat, to allow your body to naturally cleanse itself. You will not lose your muscle gains, but you could lose the extra weight you're carrying. Come out leaner, cleaner and full of energy! 
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